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Friday, May 04, 2012

Love story Inspiration :')

Assalamuailakum anyone ?
* Tak jawab dosa, jawab sayang ;)

Kelmarin baru cite pasal Dena Bahrin kan ? Now, cite lagi. Y ? She gave me inspiration of love story :') *sobsob* Bukan nangis but terharu, sebak. Hee. 

Here is the story, she gave some inspiration words. Kate kate semangat dalam jawa nye. Aite ? She said that she do love someone before she received lamaran her husband (now). And she wanna wait for her crush one. But unexpectedly, Allah gave her one rezeki, jatuh macam tu after she pray her istikharah, mintak petunjuk from Allah s.w.t. And berkat her parents, family and friends that support her and do'a for her. She accept the marriage. And she's marriage with one lafaz only by her husband. Congrates Dena ! Happy wifee ! And she said " Well, it's proven that Allah's plan is the best :) "

See ? See the wonderful of Allah s.w.t plan ? Allah s.w.t give that wonderful plan to people that deserve it. Aite ? But the person absolutely not me. But, I wish and I pray, hope Allah s.w.t plan the best for me too :')

When I read her blog about how her heart beat so fast during the nikah when he said "Aku terima nikahnye" , and you ayah said " Aku nikahkan kau dengan puteri aku. " I imagine how would it be for me. Would I be like how she felt ? I wonder. And I could feel how sad when hearing your dad said " Ayah serahkan awak kepada suami awak. " Ya Allah, seriously it so touching. Confirm, aku banjir kat situ jugak :'D I mean, who would not aite ? Ayah korang yg berlagak tough akhirnye ckp mcm tu to his beloved daughter. Aku confirm banjir kat situ jugak !

And, her story is, she pray to Allah to have a best man and a best love story and she get the best man and the best love story in her life. How sweet is that huh ?! I mean, it kinda like in the wonderland tau ! To me laa. Hahah.

And nowadayas, she belive in LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE. She said not everyone gonna have this but , 

" if you love someone, protect the 'love' . Protect the sweetness. If I could ever convince people how amazing it is to actually 'bercinta bagai nak rak.'' after married. it would be nice. I swear to Allah, Girls, protect your dignity,your heart and guys, please protect the girl you love. Please save your love story. Choose someone to marry, not someone for you to only walking around and be happy. "  

Got it boys out there ? 

 " If the 'Love' makes you become worse. Let it go. it's hard. Allah knows and He will replace someone better for you. If the Love makes your relationship with family or beloved people worse, turn to Allah for decision, Allah knows the best. If you're in dilemma what you want and what make things better. Have faith in Allah, He knows what you've done.He knows what you've sacrificed. Dan, cinta itu memang perlukan pengorbanan. "

I love her words. It's touch me :')

" and one thing about this is that, Allah saves my heart for someone who deserves it. Allah saves me from facing another heartbroken and that's wonderful because I just can't bear with another heartbroken. Allah is Ar-Rahman & Ar-Rahim. I'm ordinary. I'm not perfect. Proudly to say, I'm 20 and I'm married. Responsibilities increased but 'LOVING' ITSELF IS 'RESPONSIBILTY.'  "


Comelkan mereka ? 

So, based on her love story, I hope, I pray to Allah s.w.t that my love story could be as sweet as them too. But I know that is impossible because every story have different genre. But I wish my love story gonna be as  sweet as candy and was plan the best by Allah s.w.t :') 


Someone who really loves you will show you they want you, will prove that they need you, will remind you they love you. Will put you in the list, " To be in heaven,together,forever." -Dena Bahrin

P/S : If dena read this, sorry awak for stealing your word and one  picture. I just wanna shared it to other people how your love story is inspired me much.  Hope you don't get mad. Kalau la dena bace  kann. and people , I steal the picture and the italic words I take from dena  blog.  I f you wanna read the full story, you could click at Dena Bahrin name at above with the link ones okay ? Tu pon kalau ade sesape bace laa :)

The End