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Nama aku Aisyah. Aku mempunyai pelbagai karakter. Menjaga hati orang bukan kepandaian aku. So, don't say I didn't warned you if you get hurt by my words. Hi ! Really pleasure to know you ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Till the right time

Yah, I smile so that people won't ask what's wrong.

Do you know something? 
When a girl text you first and you didn't reply, you not gonna receive another text from her first :)

I wake up even I was asleep to see a text whether from you or not.

And now tak pernah pernah aku biakan kredit aku 0.00 sen.
Saje je bia dye kosong cengitu. Not in the mood of texting anybody :|

The End