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Nama aku Aisyah. Aku mempunyai pelbagai karakter. Menjaga hati orang bukan kepandaian aku. So, don't say I didn't warned you if you get hurt by my words. Hi ! Really pleasure to know you ;)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just saying

The moment you come back when I'm try to move on. It's kill me. Seeing your pressure face is more killing me. I'm sorry for what happen with your relationship. But please, do focus on final first aite?

We girls do have a lot of crush. But the only person that in our heart is the person we love the most. That is BOYFRIEND. Aite?

Perempuan kalau suke kat org, dye akan cerite pasal org yg dye suke dgn penuh excitednyee. Seriously. Tak tipu #fact okay !

Don't chu giving up on your relationship. If you do nothing and giving up then it's mean over. Aite? So, don't chu stop.

I'm just saying as friend coz I can see how much you love her. That's all :)

Sincerely, ME

The End