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Nama aku Aisyah. Aku mempunyai pelbagai karakter. Menjaga hati orang bukan kepandaian aku. So, don't say I didn't warned you if you get hurt by my words. Hi ! Really pleasure to know you ;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Boy ,

It's hard for me to fall to someone or like some .
But when you come ,
slowly moving towards me ,
It's make me melts .
like ice melts
Don't chu get it ?
Why ? Why ?
Do you want me when you already have the one you LOVE ?
Why ?
why ?

I wonder . Everyday . Every night .
Thinking of YOU . Thinking of this .

I really sick of the lie . The insincere .
I'm sick of myself . I'm sick of all .

Can you ? If really love me , but loving others .
Just let me go ? Can you ?
Can YOU ?

When you need me , you find me .
When don't , you just .
Throw me away .

Did you really miss me ?
Are all you words is true ?

Now , you making ME all confuse with

A thousand time I've said NO
Then , your words , all of your words
Making me said YES again .

Why are you killing me this way boy ?
It's hurt . So much pain inside .

I just need a cuddle . Nothing else .
I just need you .
Need you to understand how hurt is me now .

The End