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Nama aku Aisyah. Aku mempunyai pelbagai karakter. Menjaga hati orang bukan kepandaian aku. So, don't say I didn't warned you if you get hurt by my words. Hi ! Really pleasure to know you ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Excited \O/

Morning sunshine :)

Yeahhh ! I'm smurfking excited peeps !
Why why why ? I'm going out at last !
Yeayyyyyy \O/ seriously excited to
them. We gonna go picnic at lepak-ing
at Istana Garden where the place is
smurf awesome. And we gonna have a
sort of photo shoot there and there and
there. HAHA. So, here I am. Still at at
bed. Waiting for the time ticking faster
to 3PM. And I woke up just nice today
because i woke early actually. HAHA.
Kinda suprise actually. But still I am
EXCITED !! HEHEH. #senyum ke telinga

Best Friend Day. Just can't wait.
I smurf you my friend :)

p/s : nanti aku da balik aku upload gambar ok.
still excited

The End