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Sunday, November 21, 2010

♥ Life on 2010 part 1 ♥

Salam ...

It’s gonna end of 2010 soon .. very special years ... so gonna write bout the special memories that i gonna keep on my life on 2010 ... there’s a lot of it u know ..

n i’m gonna share it .. it’s about life rite ? so this is about my life in 2010 part 1...

ok start on JANUARY ..

what actually happen on january ?? hahaha .. i’m not very sure actually .. ^^ but well what i do is just waiting for result on january and hangout wif friend alot till bankrupt ! haha .. yup BANKRUPT ! there no much on january ..

now FEBRUARY ...

still not working .. haha .. no money is make from me .. just trying to figure out what course n university that i wanna to take .. yup this what change my life n what i becoming now .. J btw my life is awesome k .. haha .. ok nothing much is happening on february actually .. still waiting for SPM result patiencely ..


Ok march is really a nervous month ... y ??

well because SPM result soon will come out .. that’s y .. seriously .. it making me nervous everyday thinking am i gonna got good result or just ok result or not .. am i gonna make my mom n dad dissapointed again just like UPSR N PMR ?? oh god seriusly scared n nervous ... everyday pray to ALLAH for making my mom n dad happy for my result..n yup a miracle .. seriously .. bersyukur sangat2 !! i strive an excellent result ... yeha !!! mmg xsngke 7A’s 2B’s .. haha.. unexpected man

! seriously i know my mom cry because of my result .. heheh .. happy because she is crying for happiness .. thanks to all that help n pray for succeed .. huhu ..^^ well .. there’s a lot of thing happen on march actually .. on the same day someone ask me to be his gurlfee .. huhu .. i actually don’t know the feeling ... whether to except or to reject .. then , i except .. just try ... hoho .. then me n my besties go out to celebrate our succeed !! haha .. serously miss the moment ..

It’s APRIL ..

April .. april ... it’s a fool month .. haha ... there’s nothing much ... well .. let’s see what i remember on april ... hmmm ... well ...actually not much laa happen on april ... no big interest moment that i can remember .. haha .. so we skip .. tooooo >

MAY ...

Ok it’s may now ... huhuh .. so many moment happen in may ... ^^ ok may is the month where i know where ?? n what ?? course n university that i get .. huhu .. it’s also month where my first interview happen ... hahah .. as a NURSE ??

yup NURSE !! hehe .. but i did’nt do well on my interview soo yup got REJECTED ! yup reject ! haha .. seyesly disappoint.. haha .. but still before the interview result out i’ve already make my mind go to penang .. yup PENANG !! hahah ..far from home man ! at what university ?? hehe .. UiTM PULAU PINANG ... on what course ?? FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT ! yup ..

seyesly at first place i don’t know what the hell am i taking this course n what is this course all about .. hehe .. but because of at penang ... a think i should try n it’s the only chance ... hehehehe .. even i hide my letter from KOLEJ POLITEKMARA at Pahang as nurse from my parent .. hehe .. everthing because of penang .. yup my destiny .. hehehe .. n .. the decision have been make ! I’M GOING PENANG BAYBEH !! hahaah ... plus i’m the only one in my besties taking out of way from what we have discuss one the first place .. hehe .. well now it’s have change .. then our farewell hangout with my besties .. it’s seyesly a sweet moment ... huhu .. miss that moment ...^^

Now .. that all for part 1 .. hehehe .. ^^ a lots of memories huh ! but i’ve still remember ... because all of this memories is my best experince ... so wait for the 2nd one !

To be continue .......

:: all about life ::

The End