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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

:: i just feel to write this ::

Assalammualaikum ..

Its been a few days i think i did’nt update my blog ... haha .. ^^” sorry ok ... i have nothing interesting to say actually past few days ... so that’s y i did’nt updated my blog ... but now i’m back ... ok actually today i just wanna to write ... title is unknown ..
haha .. ok .. well .. do you ever feel like u wanna cried but u can’t cry ?? well that's what i feel seen my uncle past away ... haha .. i so missing him .. it’s happen last year ... i mean 1 week b4 Hari raya .. yup ... it’s really hard for me to except it at first ... but do you ever feel lost someone you love so much ?? yup ! that how i feel that time .. seriously i wanna to cried at the first think when my aunt told my mak ucu .. “ cu , get ready ... he’s gone .” yaaa ! at that time i feel nothing .. ZERO !! TOTALLY ZERO ! i actully been blur that time .. imagine it, u were painting your grand house n preparing for RAYA then this thing happen ... you know death can come in just blink of your eyes .. so you have to be prepared ... haha .. that time what i just can’t cry ... even when i called my sister she already know the news she said my mom called already .. yah .. you know what did she said ? “ cah , i wanna come back home right now !” she crying , crying n crying .. well she can’t go back because she at UPM that time studying and what she can do is just pray for our uncle from far ... plus she was the one that my uncle use to take care of ... when i heard she is crying so damn much .. i still can’t even let out my tears ... haha .. how sad is that huh . you know when people did’nt show her or his tears it does’nt mean that she or he is not crying or sad ... it just that they cry in their heart ... so painful when actually see people cry in front of you n you just can’t do the same .. how cool is that .. but well that what i feel .. it’s so hard you know .. that feel .. plus that week was my trial for my SPM .. but then when the body arrive ... while i’m read the Yasin .. N look at his face at last i cried out loud .. just cry n cry n cry till i can’t stop ... it’s so hard actually not just for me but the entire family ... well that tragedy give me such a big lesson you know ... that for the first time i saw my dad cry , my mom , my grandmom ...

it's ....

huh ... it’s really take time for me to write this .. but i wanna share something what i have experience about .. well y i write this now ?? hah .. i also don’t know why ... it just came out .. ^^” since that i never cry anymore ... since that i also don’t know y I've been so hurt-less , if i sad... i just ... i don’t know ... haahaha .. people that been friend with me n people that already been leaving at the same room with know me .. rite guys ??

haha .. they know me better then i know myself because when i fake my smile they know there is something wrong with me.. but that is me .. someone that don’t like be sad in front of my friend ...n i just happy the way i am ..n now what i want is just be happy as possible .. make my life as crazy , joyful n memorable ... n make my parent happy n proud of coz ... don’t forget to pray to ALLAH most important thing .. hahaha .. i don’t know what the heck i’m talk about n babble about but haha ... i wish you guys understand what i try to say ..


*Life is short

*Death just can come at anytime n anywhere !

*If you sad does’nt mean that you have to cry !

*If you saw people does’nt not cry for something he/she should, don’t said that they don’t have such a humor,but actually they are crying inside their heart !

all about life

The End